Helen Tosh - 2D & 3D graphic designer
Hi! My name is Helen and I have been working as a vector graphic designer since 2013.
I am open to cooperation. I draw at the request of the customer, exclusive and non-exclusive works.

My specialization vector hand drawn cartoon and comics book character, girl pop art design in realistic style.

Portfolio: professional graphics and web design.


I work in different styles, bright cartoon style and classic monochrome sketch stylization in retro style.
Also I like working in the style of realism and 3D
Work experience. Personal skills, experience, achievements.
From 2010-2015 worked as a fulltime freelance designer of web sites, vector, raster, and print graphics. Easily learned graphics editors: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. Studied the program for self-service site creation: Dreamweaver, web Builder, Joomla. And started to learn video editing: Sony Viewer, Adobe premiere, Adobe after effects, Indesign.

Since 2015-present time I work as a fulltime designer freelancer vector graphics in the stock industry. Currently my portfolio consists of over 8000 vector illustrations on various subjects. Recently became interested in creating my own fonts and calligraphy. Working in a comic style, creating emotional cartoon characters in the style of pop art and comics book.

Since 2019-present time I started learning in Blender to created 3D models and backgrounds.
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